Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Living with a Lui as your daily ride (how to get up that hill)

This is Patrick’s daily machine used for work. So far it has covered forty thousand miles since its last rebuild. All that has been changed is the occasional cable and spark plug.

On the original build it was fitted with a 75 Casa kit running with the original carburetor. It now has a modified manifold to take a modern rubber mounted carburetor which has led to an increase in power across all the range. And Patrick can now get up the hills.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Have Lambretta will travel

This Lammie came in for a rear hub oil seal. Again she has a very proud owner who uses her daily.  The box on the back is for his dog who travels around London with him.  She was a joy to see in her orginal condition.

This is Daves baby that he built himself.  She came to Scooter to  be jetted prior to Dave's scooter fest to Germany