Wednesday, 2 October 2013

"Twist and Go"

Well readers, as promised, here is the Little Lui.  I have now done over 50 miles on her.  And wonder of wonders, Patrick is talking about putting a six plate clutch in Patsy when he gets back, so I can keep riding this little gem.

This little Lui was made in 1969 and was launched under the slogan “Lui per uno, Lui per tutti” (for one and for everyone). The aim of her launch was to attract the young rider. This did not work due to the rough ride and poor performance.  Innocenti stopped her production after 18 months. 

Innocenti could never have imagined the mobile phone, but we have them. The Little Lui does not look out of place with it. I wonder, if Patrick has unwittingly, with all the tweaking of this Little Lui, managed to develop, with the aid of new mechanical techniques that are available to do what Innocenti intended? Has he perhaps managed to give us a classic twist and go, especially in town traffic?