Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tim's Christmas Tree

A common problem on the LD and D gearbox is a loose and sloppy 'christmas tree'. Basically, the three bronze bushes wear the casing away over the years and causes various unwanted rattles. Luckily our precision engineer is well used to re-making these bushes for us.
(In trying to demonstrate the movement in the bushes the pics are a bit blurred... Sorry!)

We rectify the problem by re-making and fitting new bushes that actually fit the aluminium casing which has been worn away by the old bronze bushes.
Bronze Bush 1
Bronze Bush 2
Bronze Bush 3

Ducks in the alleyway

Last year this mother duck had 15 chicks this year she has 3. They were in the alley when I arrived at work this morning  being harassed by a cat. I chased off the cat so the ducks could continue on their way.

A group of us last year had the idea that we could rescue this little family and move the duck with her chicks to a pond. We caught the chicks and put them in a box but were unable to catch the mother. The chicks were going frantic in the box so we decided put them all back on top of the bus depot roof where they had come from.  However the mother duck pushed them one by one back down the inside of the drainpipe and waddled off with them onto the Goldhawk Road.

This morning after seeing the cat stalk the family of ducks I knew all I could do was keep the cat away and let the ducks waddle their way onto the Goldhawk road.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Keith's Model D Restoration

Keith had started restoring his Model D when after having trouble fitting the bodywork and tank, he decided to bring her into Scooter Surgery for our opinion.

After a thorough inspection we advised Keith that his D needed a complete engine rebuild - due to having been very poorly assembled in the past. Resulting in worn bearings, crank big end rattles, woodruff key slot is worn, shims are missing, clutch is worn, bevel gear is loose, oil seals are hard... the list goes on.

Keith's Lammie (already painted)
Engine gets removed

Engine components

Engine still attached to the frame

Petrol tank



Our next post highlights a frequent problem with D and LD gear boxes.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


If you're about to start a Lambretta resto you could come and talk to us at the following Events.

Camber Sands - 29th June
The BATS scooter rally - 20th July
Sunday Best - 21st July
Isle Of Wight - 24th/26th August
Mersea Island - 30th/31st August

The true meaning of a Restoration

We are often asked what is involved in the full restoration of a Lambretta... so we thought we'd show you the process here at Scooter Surgery.  As the work progresses (including the engine rebuild) we'll post more pictures.  Enjoy. 
J Range - stripped and ready for her new identity.
Engine casing ready for vapourising.
Engine all bagged for easy identification on reassembly.
Body ready for acid dipping and painting.
J Range ready for repair, stripping and repaint.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Thank you Paul

Paul Blake reviewed in the last week
Quality Excellent
"Fantastic little haven for the Lambretta Enthusiast. They might even touch your Vespa if your very nice!"

Well folks what do you make of this? praise indeed.  Thank you Paul.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Where does he put the two-stroke?

Nick rode to Scooter Surgery last Saturday on his new set of wheels on a flaming hot June day -  don't they good they look together?
But where does he put his two stroke?