Saturday 18 March 2017

Coventry Parts Fair

Here is my Patsy who sports a Casa 210 kit and SX200 gear box.  Before we both hit bearing problems she was running like a dream, always started on first or second kick, cruised through the worst of the London traffic effortlessly as well as taking motorways in her stride. I thought the exhaust was blowing but it transpired the drive side bearing had gone.

Patsy and I both needed our bearings replaced at the same time as I became unable to ride due to hip problems which are now resolved.  Patsy too after 60,000 miles also needed new bearings and, for good measure, Patrick will fit a new crank.

Coventry Parts Fair is on the 3rd April, while Patrick cannot help with hip replacements, despite them also being completely mechanical he can help you to keep your Lambretta running reliably.  As an agent for Casa Lambretta he will have new Casa Parts with him and can advise on new products that Casa has in the pipeline to enhance the running of our classic machines for another forty years.

I am still 'running in' my new hip and will not be there so you can talk to talk to him in peace.
Make the most of it because I will back.

Enjoy the day and hope the sun shines for you.


Tuesday 24 January 2017


Hello Bloggers, for months I have been locked out of this blog, but with the help of Andy I have successfully logged back in.

Website and Price List
The website and price list are having a complete nut and bolt restoration, as did 'Little Flirt'
pictured above with Christopher. If you need anything relating to a Lambretta, rebuilds, engine work, parts for all models, please call on 020 8748 0882 and we will be happy to help you.

Parts Fairs 2017
If you would like to talk to us we will be at Wicksteed Parts Fair on Sunday 5th March and the VMSC Coventry Extravaganza on Sunday the 2nd April 2017

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Pilo Reborn

Here are some photographs of Pilo before her restoration. She was in a really sorry state, Christian stripped her right down and packed all the salvageable parts into boxes. After years of sad neglect there was a lot of work involved in restoring her.

Thursday 4 February 2016


This is Christian's Pilo, so called because at the beginning she was a 'pile of s...'
Look at her now, she looks beautiful and runs like a dream. 

Another great Lambretta from the Scooter Surgery stable.

Friday 15 January 2016

Parts Fairs 2016

This is Andy's Green Machine - a thoroughbred from the Scooter Surgery stable. With a Casa 210 kit, Casatronic ignition system and a Cyclone 5 speed gear box breathing through a Delorto PHBL 25mm carburettor  - this setup gives a reliable yet speedy town and motorway ride. If you want to build the Lambretta of your dreams we'll be at parts fairs listed below and would be happy to discuss your needs. 

27/03/2016 - Modrapheniacs Holton Heath, Poole, Dorset BH16 6JZ 

03/04/2016 - Coventry Sports Connexion Centre, Ryton-on Dunsmore, Coventry 

Wednesday 7 October 2015

A wonderful sight

Here is Liz on her Starstream which she rides all the time.

And here is Liz bombing up the alleyway.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Award Winning LD150

Chelmsford Joe won the 'Best in Show' at Sunday Best
Mrs Chelmsford Joe shared in Joe's achievement

Joe and Patrick shared the trials and tribulations of the re-build. All parts supplied by Scooter Surgery.

It was a wonderful day, and well done to Joe for persevering. Wishing him the same sense of achievement in the next project. Joe rode away a very proud and happy man.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Bobby Moore goes home

The 'Bobby Moore' themed scooter came in for the fitting of a TS1, Cyclone 5 speed gear box, RB Boyson two stage reeds, Casa Variotronic ignition, BGM Cylinder head, Franspeed Supertune exhaust, 35mm mikuni carbs and a full set of BGM shocks. Now 'Bobby Moore' has been put on the van to be reunited with owner Richard.

Result: Richard the proud owner with an easy to drive   Lambretta - that's got a lot of low down grunt.

Thursday 11 December 2014

Steve's Model B

Many, many moving parts...

Steve has entrusted Scooter Surgery in the complete restoration of his beloved Model B.  
The first step is to strip the engine... a thoroughly documented inventory will aid the rebuild.

Thursday 6 November 2014

Scootering in London is free.. but for how long?

Until now, we’ve taken riding through central London on our Lambretta’s for granted… we don’t have to think about congestion charge do we? But if Boris Johnson and his cronies have their way ALL motorcycles may have to pay in the future and vintage/classic machines may be banned entirely!  If you are in London or ever want to ride your scooter in the capital? Read on.

This morning we received an email from our friend Andy telling us about the possibility of motorcycles being charged congestion charge. Motorcyclist already have to pay to park in much of central London.

Andy tells us:
"You should go on the TFL website and fill in this survey. Oppose the proposed charge for motorcycles entering the zone. This is just an earner for Boris under the guise of "emissions’" and means riders would to have to pay £12.50 per day and older bikes could be prevented from entering central London completely?!"

TfL invites you to provide views on all the proposals by completing this online questionnaire at: 

We have added our opposition and are asking all our customers at Scooter Surgery to follow our lead. There is a box for comments - so please state exactly why you oppose this charge (keep it clean!).

Thank you 
Patrick and Maude

Wednesday 22 October 2014

J Range Spares and Restorations

Casa Lambetta Agent

Listed below are the stainless kits we are making to help with the restoration of your J Range Lambretta.

J1   - Wheel nuts
J2   - Side Case fixing
J3   - Front Mudguard fixings
J4   - Stand Bolts
J5   - Light Housing & Switch fixing
J6   - Headlight rim fixings
J7   - Horn fixings
J8   - Exhaust Fixings
J9   - Rear frame bracket
J10 - External mount fixings

We have also recently received into stock from Casa Lambretta a selection of spares for the J range.  

Give us a call on 020 8748 0882 
or email: