Thursday, 6 November 2014

Scootering in London is free.. but for how long?

Until now, we’ve taken riding through central London on our Lambretta’s for granted… we don’t have to think about congestion charge do we? But if Boris Johnson and his cronies have their way ALL motorcycles may have to pay in the future and vintage/classic machines may be banned entirely!  If you are in London or ever want to ride your scooter in the capital? Read on.

This morning we received an email from our friend Andy telling us about the possibility of motorcycles being charged congestion charge. Motorcyclist already have to pay to park in much of central London.

Andy tells us:
"You should go on the TFL website and fill in this survey. Oppose the proposed charge for motorcycles entering the zone. This is just an earner for Boris under the guise of "emissions’" and means riders would to have to pay £12.50 per day and older bikes could be prevented from entering central London completely?!"

TfL invites you to provide views on all the proposals by completing this online questionnaire at: 

We have added our opposition and are asking all our customers at Scooter Surgery to follow our lead. There is a box for comments - so please state exactly why you oppose this charge (keep it clean!).

Thank you 
Patrick and Maude


tony B. said...

Banning two stroke scooters in the city ? Sounds like blame for all the polution from traffic is being aimed at a few indivduals like myself for riding a classic vehicle.Why not ban everything? No not an option , use the scooter and bike riders as scape goats.Minority figures with no way of winning, disliked by London motorists who are stuck in a jam.Blame the two wheelers.Envy them.BAN them ! OFF WITH THERE HEADS! Leave us 2 stroke enthusiats alone!

tony B. said...

As for the congestion charge for bikes & scooters, well theres a joke for many two wheelers does it take to cause congestion - NONE SO NO FLIPPING CHARGE.GET REAL BORIS and find some other reason to STEAL our hard earned CASH!