Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cyclone 5

Andy’s Series 2 Rebuild            
This engine is undergoing a complete rebuild using the best quality parts available... so a Cylone 5 speed gearbox was Andy's first request. Patch has chosen to fit the gearbox with an overall ratio of 4.80 - with a 16% rise in each gear the Cyclone 5 will offer good top end speed and excellent usable power throughout the gear range.

A Casa 210 will produce excellent torque and approximately 14 BHP. The addition of a Casa 'variable timing' electronic kit, will make this scooter perform as well in town as it will on the motorway... making it usable in all conditions.

Fuel is provided through a 25mm rubber mounted Dellorto carb', utalising the original air filter system and a Casa 42mm big bore exhaust.
Check the blog for further updates...

Monday, 11 March 2013

FOR SALE - A good little runner

Li  150 Series 3

MOT'd until November 2013

Original unrestored Italian scooter with excellent fitting panel work. Would make an ideal restoration project or a reliable day to day ride.

£2600 as is.

£3400 with a standard 150 engine rebuild - 1 year guarantee on engine and parts.

£4200 for engine rebuild with a 
Casa 185 and electronic kit. 
This would also carry a 1 year 
guarantee on engine and parts. 

For more info: Phone 020 8748 0228 or Email: