Saturday, 18 March 2017

Coventry Parts Fair

Here is my Patsy who sports a Casa 210 kit and SX200 gear box.  Before we both hit bearing problems she was running like a dream, always started on first or second kick, cruised through the worst of the London traffic effortlessly as well as taking motorways in her stride. I thought the exhaust was blowing but it transpired the drive side bearing had gone.

Patsy and I both needed our bearings replaced at the same time as I became unable to ride due to hip problems which are now resolved.  Patsy too after 60,000 miles also needed new bearings and, for good measure, Patrick will fit a new crank.

Coventry Parts Fair is on the 3rd April, while Patrick cannot help with hip replacements, despite them also being completely mechanical he can help you to keep your Lambretta running reliably.  As an agent for Casa Lambretta he will have new Casa Parts with him and can advise on new products that Casa has in the pipeline to enhance the running of our classic machines for another forty years.

I am still 'running in' my new hip and will not be there so you can talk to talk to him in peace.
Make the most of it because I will back.

Enjoy the day and hope the sun shines for you.